A response to the Oklahoma City Black Mass

September 21, 2014
Source: District of the USA

Watch a video and see images of the nearly 1000 faithful that came from across the USA to participate in the SSPX's act of reparation against a Satanic act in OKC on Sunday, September 21.

Watch the video: A response to the Oklahoma City Black Mass [YouTube]>

The Battle of the Civic Center

Catholics of Tradition responded with extraordinary generosity to the calling of a crusade of reparation against the Satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma City. With only 9 days for notice and planning, 6 priests, 7 seminarians, a group of Franciscan sisters and almost 1,000 lay faithful from across the country converged on Oklahoma City on September 21.

A Solemn Mass was offered by Fr. Daniel Themann in a ballroom filled past capacity and with hundreds of faithful pouring out into the hotel foyer watching the Mass on live video feed. In his sermon, Fr. Themann reminded the faithful that a good soldier is motivated not by the hatred of that which is in front of him but by the love of that which is behind him. Condemning the Satanic blasphemy permitted by civil authorities to occur in the Civic Center, he also reminded the faithful of how each of us has also offended God. He echoed Fr. Wegner’s call for reparation.

Following Mass, the crowds moved through the hotel in profound silence to march to the gates of the Civic Center. Despite a predicted 80% chance of torrential rain, a blazing sun beat down on the procession as it wended its way through the city with the fifteen decades of the rosary and the Christus Vincit reverberating across town. The Knights and Honor Guard from St. Mary’s, Kansas led the column and a choir from La Salette Boys Academy from Olivet, Illinois sang the Mass and acted as gracious ushers.

Humanly-speaking such a result from Fr. Wegner’s call to arms would have been impossible in so short a time. Faithful came in a spirit of reparation from Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois, Kentucky, New York, and Pennsylvania with some chapels organizing chartered buses to make the trip.

Following the Mass and Rosary procession of reparation, the U.S. District provided lunch to the participants in the Sheraton Hotel where the Mass had been sung and in a local restaurant as the crowd exceeded the capacity of the hotel. The response of Tradition demonstrates how God can use even the most base and repulsive evil act to manifest His greatness. The clergy and faithful of the U.S. District joyfully served as His instrument in manifesting His omnipotence over the tiny forces of evil pathetically attempting to mock His power. [see the image gallery below]

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