Reparation Made in Oklahoma City

August 17, 2016
Source: District of the USA

Hundreds of faithful from SSPX parishes throughout the Midwest answered the call to make reparation for another Black "Mass" in Oklahoma

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The Society of St. Pius X and its Oklahoma City chapel, St. Michael’s, organized a public Mass of Reparation at noon on August 15, the Assumption of Mary, in response to a black mass that was performed in the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall later that night with the permission of the city officials. This blasphemous mockery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was reportedly accompanied by another blasphemous ritual that desecrated, in a most vile way, an image of Our Lady. The Mass was offered on the grounds of the Civic Center Music Hall in which the blasphemy would occur later that day. Father Patrick McBride, who was the celebrant of the Mass, explained in a press release the reason for offering the Mass on the grounds outside the Civic Center:


In 2014, we offered in a nearby downtown hotel a public Mass of Reparation in atonement for the first publicly performed black mass. This time we wanted to bring the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to the very ground on which these blasphemies will occur. We will raise up to heaven Our Lord’s Most Precious Blood in reparation for the insults that He and His Blessed Mother will receive from these people who regrettably respond to His loving embrace with insults and outrage. We particularly implore the protection of the Blessed Mother as we make reparation to Her Divine Son."

Father Jurgen Wegner, District Superior for the US called upon the Faithful to be generous in response. 


It is even more urgent that the faithful participate in a public act of reparation this time. One of the goals of this Satanic group is to desensitize all of us to the gravity of the acts they perform with public sanction. In 2014, the faithful responded very generously to a call for reparation with between 900 and 1000 participating in the Mass of Reparation. This time, the response must be at least as generous. We must publicly demonstrate that those who truly love Our Lord will not simply come to see these public acts as now a normal part of public life."

The faithful responded with incredible generosity from all across North America to make the sacrifice to travel to Oklahoma City on a Monday afternoon in the middle of August to make reparation to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother. An estimated 800 people filled the park outside the Civic Center kneeling on the grass and under a blazing Midwestern Sun to unite their prayers and sacrifices to the Redemptive Sacrifice of Christ, that very sacrifice which would be mocked on that very ground in a few hours. In addition to the 3 Oklahoma City and Tulsa metropolitan areas, people were reported to have travelled from Kansas, Texas, Michigan, Indiana, Washington state, Pennsylvania, New York, Colorado, New Mexico, and Canada. A caravan of buses was organized to transport the faithful from St. Mary’s Kansas. Following a call to the St. Joseph’s Businessmen’s Association in St. Mary’s, local business leaders rounded up in a matter of hours enough funds to cover the cost of one bus and thereby lower significantly the per person cost to travel on the buses. Many local businesses in St. Mary’s closed for the holy day, thereby enabling their employees to make the five hour journey. 

Due to the generosity of several Society priests, Father McBride was able to offer a Solemn Mass assisted by Fathers Novak and Leith. Seminarians from Winona and faithful from St. Mary’s joined the local Oklahoma City choir to provide a scola and choir for the Mass, which culminated with the Christus vincit and Sancte Pie Decime. The Knights of St. Mary’s and the Honor Guard of Denver, Colorado escorted in uniform the National Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Canada into the sanctuary in triumph. The precious image of Our Lady of Fatima was transported to the Mass from Canada by volunteers of the Fatima Center who spent four days driving there and back. Our Lady was thus carried into the sanctuary in a shower of roses and escorted by her devoted sons who served to give greater honor to their Mother. 

Father McBride explained in his sermon that we brought Calvary to the Civic Center in reparation. He provided a moving meditation on the last sermon of Our Lord preached from the Cross and explained how His words spoke across time to this act of Reparation. Whereas the Satanists' acts were filled with hatred, Father’s sermon spoke of the love and mercy of God which remains available to anyone who repents like the good thief. Like his Master, Father McBride, who acted in the Person of Christ, met their hatred with the prayer, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” In the end he exhorted the Faithful to the spiritual peace attained by taking their sacrifices of the day and all those they would make throughout the recently launched Rosary Crusade and offer them to the Eternal Father: “Into Thy Hands O Lord, I commend my Spirit.” 

In addition to raising the Precious Blood of Christ over this public place which hosted blasphemy, all those gathered offered our Blessed Mother a bouquet of her holy rosary and recited the Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart before the Blessed Sacrament resting on the altar. Immediately after Mass, the clergy and Faithful recited the Act of Consecration of the Society of St. Pius X to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, thereby renewing the entrustment of all their works into her hands. Our Divine Lord and His Blessed Mother must have looked down from the heaven into which she was assumed and smiled to see the generous response of her children to this public strike of her old enemy at her heel.  Although they would inflict another thorn on the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of the Mother who still loves them, the profound acts of sacrifice and reparation in the end brought more public honor and glory to Christ the King and the Queen of Heaven. God truly brought more good out of this heinous evil.  Christus Imperat!