Regnum youth at Auriesville

June 17, 2014
Source: District of the USA

A brief report on the young adult group, Regnum, and their participation during the Pilgrimage of Tradition to the Shrine of the North American Martyrs.

The 25th anniversary of the SSPX's annual pilgrimage to Auriesville, New York brought in a larger crowd than recent years, including many groups and families that normally are not in attendance. An example was the Pittsburgh, PA area chapter of Regnum (from Our Lady of Fatima Church in Carnegie), a young-adult group formed in the United States District. Although most of the chapter had attended the pilgrimage in the past, some numerous times, it was the first time that the young adults, which numbered several dozen, attended as a group.

As young adult group, Regnum emphasizes primarily personal sanctification by means of mental prayer, sacrifice and works of charity. Its secondary goal is the extension of the social kingship of Christ by prayer and public action, which has been especially embraced by the Pittsburgh chapter. Although the recently-formed group has organized and attended several public events, including the March for Life in Washington, DC only a few months ago, this was the first pilgrimage attended as a group.

Pilgrimages are excellent opportunities for personal sanctification as they allow extra time for prayer, the sacraments and penance. Regnum members arrived at Auriesville the evening before the pilgrimage and attended the First Friday Mass and sang Compline. The following day, the long march was filled with the singing of the decades of the Rosary and hymns, spiritual reading and talks.

Since the pilgrims were not permitted to use the facilities at the shrine, the march awkwardly stopped short of the grounds, where a Pontifical Mass was sung by Bishop Fellay. After the Mass, the young adults started the march anew, reaching the shrine in the early evening hours. Resting afterwards, the Regnum members were able to reflect on the wonderful chance to do additional penance and set an edifying example to all who passed them.

Of course, the truly edifying example set at Auriesville were by the martyrs themselves, and the learning of the martyrs and the praying for their intercession helped to strengthen the spiritual life of the pilgrims and hopefully will bear fruit for their next public works. As the Regnum members know, their public works will bear no fruit unless they first sanctify themselves.

Story and images contribution by Jared Mansfield.