For the Reconquista of America

July 30, 2014
Source: District of the USA

The Santa Fe Pilgrimage to the Padilla Cross just outside Lyons, Kansas took place again from the evening of Friday, July 25 through the night and into the late morning of Saturday, July 26.

A record number of 88 men and boys pilgrims were present (the most in years—the highest turnout being 106) to "take the nail", led by their indomitable chaplain, Fr. Kenneth Novak.  After blessing the pilgrims and their pilgrimage scrip—a masonary cut nail—all of the pilgrims receive a blessed nail before starting on the 33-mile camino to the cross. Those who complete the entire pilgrimage on foot are privileged to receive a blessed red nail, and this year, 40 pilgrims obtained this reward.

Also new this year, was a white nail given in recognition to each of the support crew, who though unable to walk the entire pilgrimage, nevertheless rendered a invaluable service to their fellow pilgrims by ensuring they had adequate water, fruit, trail mix, and medical attention, or even transportation. The support crew also made the necessary preparations for the concluding Holy Sacrifice of the Mass—the same rite offered by America's Protomarytr, Fr. Juan de Padilla, in whose honor the pilgrimage was made.

The three-fold intention of the Santa Fe Pilgrimage was:

  1. For the Reconquista of America; that is, the reconquering of our beloved country for Catholicism as initially planted by Spain with a wooden cross near the granite Padilla Cross.
  2. To make reparation for the modern apostasy of the America's hierarchy; particularly recalled this year was the general silence of the bishops in denouncing the planned Satanic Black Masses and the issue of same-sex marriages.
  3. [This year's special intention designated by the SSPX's USA District Superior] For the further development of the USA District under its new District Superior, Fr. Wegner.

We offer below a few images of the last 5 miles of the pilgrimage, the concluding Mass, and some of the support staff. A video interview can be seen taking place in one of the photographs, which will be part of a forthcoming video report on the Santa Fe Pilgrimage.