Preparing for Pentecost

May 15, 2015
Source: District of the USA

Some suggestions on how to prepare for Pentecost Sunday.

The supernatural consequence of Our Lord's Ascension into Heaven was the sending of the Paraclete on Pentecost, Who as testified by Christ Himself, is the "best gift" and the "spirit of Truth" that teaches us "all truth".

A devote practice to prepare for Pentecost Sunday (May 24), is to make a novena to the Holy Ghost. To this end, we would like to remind our readers about this page on our site: Prayers to the Holy Ghost.

We should also mention that Angelus Press has a variety of prayer books available, such as Novena to the Holy Ghost (containing various theological expositions and meditations) and The Paraclete: A Manual of Instruction and Devotion to the Holy Ghost.