Practical Advice for Converting Muslims

October 08, 2016
Source: District of the USA

Fr. Patrice Laroche, SSPX cited some practical advice for bringing Muslims to Christ during his talk at the 2016 Angelus Press Conference. 

The following is a brief excerpt taken from Fr. Patrice Laroche's October 8 talk at the 2016 Angelus Press Conference, "The Missions." Fr. Laroche is part of the Society of St. Pius X's ongoing mission in Lebanon and his witnessed firsthand the challenges which accompany bringing Muslims to the Catholic Faith.

Today, the Muslims are in our own lands in the West. Secular society is incapable of integrating them, and quite a few young Muslims eventually turn radical. But there are many Muslims who ask about the Catholic Faith, especially when they meet fervent Christians. In his book, Islam and Terrorism, Mark Gabriel, professor Al-Azhar University of Cairo, who converted to Christianity, gives 10 practical pieces of advice for converting Muslims.

  1. Use the Word of God, because Muslims respect holy books. The Gospels in particular are the best starting point.
  2. Pray without ceasing; what touches hearts is God’s grace.
  3. Be to the Muslims a true friend: dedicate time for them and help them with their problems.
  4. Raise questions which may help them question their way of life, e.g., are you sure that God pardons your sins? May I show you what the Bible says about it?
  5. Listen with attention. This is simply courtesy.
  6. Speak openly of your faith, without excuses, and bring up in particular the theme of sin and its consequences.
  7. Prepare your arguments, but do not go for discussions which humble or harass your Muslim listeners.
  8. Never manifest any scorn towards Mohammed or the Quran.
  9. Respect the customs and sensibilities of the Muslims. For instance, if you invite one of them to your home, do not offer them pork or alcohol.
  10. Persevere. The Muslims raise many questions when confronted by the Gospel. It is through humility and friendly words that we can open their hearts.

This being said, we should always thank God for the grace of faith: it is great gift of God that is not given to everybody. Secondly, let us thank God that we know His love. Moreover, conversions, and especially those of Muslims, are not at all impossible, but are obtained through prayers and sacrifices. It is the law of the communion of Saints. As Our Lord said, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draw him” (John 6:44).

Only God can move the human heart and lead others to conversion. But usually God the Father is waiting for our prayers in order to give this grace that people understand who the true God is and begin to regret their sins. This is the grace of conversion. God is watching after the SSPX's apostolate in order to give the grace of illumination: This means God will not usually reveal directly the Faith, but work indirectly through us as His instruments.

Let us also better understand the words of Our Lady of Fatima: “Pray, pray much. Do sacrifices for the sinners: indeed many souls are going to hell, because there is nobody who sacrifices oneself for them.” St. John saw Our Lady with the crescent under her feet. I think this means the Islamic world, and the Virgin Mary will conquer it if we are her instruments.