A possible break in abortion stalemate

February 12, 2012
Source: District of the USA

Laws that distinguish abortion as a non-crime from murder are being noticed as contradictions.

Brian McCall

Modern Man has become used to living with contradiction. In a Church and society where almost everyone has abandoned the idea of absolute Truth, we meet contradiction everywhere. In the Church we constantly hear that Vatican II is novel and traditional and that it contains new doctrine yet is in continuity with old doctrine. Secular leaders praise freedom and liberty as they pass laws invading our homes and our person and punishing religious leaders for preaching biblical truths in the name of hate crimes.

Yet, we cannot cheat nature. Man was made for Truth and we cannot live with contradiction forever. Eventually the intellectual strain of contradiction will become too much. Rationalizations based on contradiction will shatter and the Truth will be staring us in the face.

Such a result may loom closer with respect to the murder of children in their mother’s womb. For decades the government, the courts and private industry have been bombarding us with the lie that unborn babies are not living human beings. They are just clumps of cells or tissue and their “termination” is not murder, according to their fork-tongued lie. Yet, under all these lies, Men’s consciences know that abortion is murder made legal by unjust laws. Two recent stories reported by LifeSiteNews[1] demonstrate that this contradiction is starting to come into the open.

Two “doctors” (to use the term loosely) stand charged with murder for their involvement in a late term abortion business conducted across two states. According to LifeSiteNews, Steven Chase Brigham “was charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of five viable, healthy preborn babies between July 9 and August 13 of 2010, at what his co-defendant Nicola Riley described as a ‘secret late-term abortion clinic’ in Elkton, Maryland.” Riley has also been indicted on murder charges. It is noteworthy that the two are charged with murder under fetal homicide laws rather than under laws regulating the practice of medicine or the operation of abortion clinics. It appears from the facts such other charges could have been used. Calling the killing of 35 babies (one apparently aged 36 weeks) who were found in a freezer in their “clinic” murder is a refreshing moment of honesty for the law.

Interestingly these fetal homicide laws which exist in almost 40 states are a contradiction themselves. Generally they declare the killing of a pre-born baby murder unless it is an abortion. If a robber shoots a pregnant woman during a burglary and kills the baby it is murder but if the mother hires a hit man doctor it is not. That is like saying taking someone’s possessions is stealing except when a doctor does it. These charges against Riley and Brigham expose the hypocrisy of claiming killing babies is murder unless it is a paid abortion. Hopefully these cases will be a sign of a trend to use these laws as they should be, to punish all murder

The story of Riley and Brigham also exposes another falsehood of the abortion industry. For years, they have argued that abortion should be legal to protect women. They trotted out horror stories of gruesome procedures performed in illegal abortion mills before they were made “safe” by becoming legal. The horrors of the botched abortions performed by these two which have scared and maimed their women victims has nothing on the tales of the “bad old days” when abortion was illegal. The court documents detail horror stories of perforated uteruses, women being told to drive from New Jersey to Maryland after the labor stage of an abortion had been induced and trips in rental cars to the emergency room. Legalizing abortion does not make abortion safe; it only makes the abortionist safer from legal prosecution. Abortion is about killing a living person inside another living person, something that is inherently unsafe.


1 “Abortionist will be extradited to Maryland to face murder charges, by Operation Rescue staff”, January 10, 2012 and “Accused murderer abortionist Brigham released on $500,000 bond, by Operation Rescue staff”, January 6, 2012.