Phoenix's cross: "a symbol of progress and hope"

March 14, 2014
Source: District of the USA

Amazingly, the new Phoenix church has become a focal point and recognized officially as a valued asset for the local community, as recently witnessed during the raising of the cross ceremony.

The blessing of the bell tower cross will be a symbol of progress and hope—and a celebration of the achievements of our community."

So stated Phoenix's Mayor Gregg Stanton in his congratulatory letter for the "Open House and Cross Raising Event" that was held at Our Lady of Sorrows Retreat Center on February 22. The significant celebratory event was held—literally—to top off the end of Phase 2 in the continuing construction of the new church, which included the completion of the building's exterior, bell tower, basement and parking lot.

During the event, the belfry cross was blessed and then raised into its prominent position atop the bell tower, the tallest structure along the Baseline Corridor in southern Phoenix.

Neighbors, community leaders and parishioners came together to support this important community event. Special guests included Fr. Arnaud Rostand, USA District Superior (who flew in from Platte City, Missouri), City Councilman Michael Nowakowski and Councilwoman Kate Gallego, who not only represented her district but also delivered the mayor's letter of congratulations on his behalf, in which he stated:

The new building is already gaining recognition for its architecture and it will be a wonderful addition to our South Mountain Village community. This project has received widespread support in an area that has focused on development."

As for Phase 3, this will begin once sufficient funds have been raised (approximately $850,000 is still needed) and will include the completion of the interior. Many benefactor level donations are still available, and contributions can be made for stained-glass windows, side altars, the church's bronze bells, sponsored either individually or by groups.

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