Phoenix church construction: July 24 update

July 24, 2013
Source: District of the USA

The basement foundations near completion and a bell tower begins to rise from the ground. The construction of a church also give an example of how to form our souls.

The contractor for the new Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Phoenix, Arizona has given us the following construction update:

The basement walls are complete (other than the apse area due to some redesign). The basement slab was poured last week and the flooring system (Precast T-Beams) is being installed this week. The basement walls are being waterproofed and backfill should commence early next week."

While the laying of a building's foundation does not always generate the same interest as the upper portion of the structure (particularly as the basement area is eventually hidden by soil and the main structure above), nonetheless, it is one of the most crucial elements. For a solid and strong foundation is of course important to any structure, but especially for one that is sacred and dedicated to God, and should stand the test of time.

Thus we can see in the construction of a church allusion to the spiritual makeup of the soul—for often the foundation of our santification and supernatural life are hidden and yet nevertheless, are the deepest and strongest aspects. But speaking of the visible elements, the contractor of the Phoenix church also has this to report:

Erection of the 40 foot bell tower started this week as reflected in the photos."

Thus from out of its strong base the new church begins to rise—just as our supernatural life ought to after the necessary foundation has been laid.