A Pentecost poem to Mary: Mater Ecclesiae

May 21, 2015
Source: District of the USA

This poetic piece about the event of Pentecost emphasizes the Blessed Virgin Mary's role as Mother of God and thus Mother of the Church.

Image above: Detail from The Descent of The Holy Ghost by Titian (Tiziano Vecellio, +1576).

In preparation for this Pentecost Sunday, we offer this poem composed specifically for SSPX.ORG that focuses on the role of Our Lady as Mother of the Church.

Pentecost: Mater Ecclesiae

All these were persevering with one mind in prayer with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren. And when the days of the Pentecost were accomplished, they were all together in one place." (Acts 1:14; 2:1)

Gathered they together,
in the Upper Room,
at our Lady’s side;
She the one,
who did bring forth,
She the Virgin bride;
Thirty-three years before
She, who sat alone,
as the Angel Gabriel,
round about her shone,
words he spoke,
ne’er heard before,
save to Purity
She, the one,
who was to bear
Eternal Deity

who sang her Canticle,
Her Magnificat,
who sanctified
the child inside
her elder cousin’s womb
She, who was to place…
the Lamb
inside the tomb

She, the humble
who, in a stable bore,
in a dark
and cold night,
beneath a shining star,
He the Light,
Who made light,
the Lamb of God

who in the Temple,
who did freely give,
as did Samuel’s mother,
so many years before,
her Son to His Father…
once again
humbly submits
to the will of God

who bore the journey,
O so arduous,
into the land of Egypt
to escape, the king’s hate,
Herod’s wickedness

the loving Mother,
who met Him,
along the way,
the blood-drenched path
to the Cross…
atop Calvary

who stood
beneath the Cross,
who watched Him
shed His Precious Blood,
Stabat Mater,
the true Ark,
who with-stood
the awful, dreadful Flood;
the sword
of Simeon’s prophecy,
Immaculate heart

they gather round her,
the Queen amidst
her court:
Spouse of the Holy Ghost;
Daughter of the Father;
Mother of the Son;
in whom
the Holy Trinity
was so pleased
to dwell

the holy Mother
of the Maker
of heaven and earth
sits among her children,
waiting to give birth
to His precious offspring…
the Holy Catholic Church

O how much it cost her,
this vale of many tears,
O how great the price
Mother of the Pearl,
the Lamb’s ewe,
the Shepherd Who
came to seek
and save
the lost
O blessed, glorious day
…Holy Pentecost!