Paris judge calls blasphemous play "art"

April 09, 2012
Source: District of the USA

In Paris, France, over 7000 Catholics demonstrate against a blasphemous anti-Christian play which a French judge will not ban for fear of destroying "art".

From France we learn that a judge in Paris has ruled that another blasphemous play called Golgotha Picnic which features nudity and sexual positions in relation to Christ as “art” and thus refused a petition to have the show’s opening prohibited.

The petition was launched by AGRIF (standing for “General Alliance against Racism and for Respect of French and Christian Identity”) based upon a French law where an judicial injunction can be imposed against events that “disrupt the public order”. However, Judge Magali Bouvier stated she would not put a stop to the play citing it would “destroy a work of art”.

The deliberate blasphemous attack on Christ and the profound sacredness of His Passion is aptly described in this quote from one English-language news source:[1]

AGRIF’s counsel argued that the showing of 'Golgota Picnic' would do that on several counts. The play’s Hispano-Argentian author, Rodrigo Garcia, expresses hatred towards Christ throughout the play, accusing centuries of Christian art of being directly responsible for sex abuse of minors by priests and religious, violence, and more generally all that is wrong with the world. Christ Himself is portrayed as a selfish, antisocial fraud and covered with verbal abuse calling him a 'devil whore' or the 'messiah of AIDS'.

...Hundreds of bread burgers cover the scene in a parody of the Multiplication of the Loaves; the actors, 5 male, 1 female, repeatedly mock the Crucifixion while endlessly reciting rambling prose, then sing and dance the last words of Christ to strident guitar music.

The DVD of the play, produced by the Theatre’s counsel, has been found to contain more disturbing elements than press reports from Spain, where the play showed at the beginning of the year, had indicated. 'Crucifixion' scenes were presented lascivious or grotesque, a Pieta scene showed an actress, completely nude, moving sensuously on a male actor’s lap and the “making” of the Shroud received similar sexual treatment.

Another scene showed three actors, 2 male and 1 female, scantily covered and soaked with blue and red paint to evoke classical paintings of Golgotha, entwining in sexual positions. After this they all undressed completely, facing the public or moving about the stage for at least 5 minutes.

This was not a problem, judge Bouvier ruled today, as the lighting was 'dimmed' during the scene (in fact, during part of that scene the stage-lighting was a strong red, and normal the rest of the time). The AGRIF, one of whose objects is to combat pornography and to protect the dignity of women and children, argued that this scene, among several others, constitutes 'sexual exhibition' which is prohibited by law, and should at the very least justify banning Golgota Picnic from being shown to minors under 18."

Meanwhile also in France and on the heels of recent protests against other Christianophobic acts being hosted in that country, 7000 people (of which many attend the SSPX's chapels) participated in a public demonstration on December 11 in Paris. It was organized by the French Catholic group Civitas to manifest the honor due to Our Lord and make reparation for the recent public attacks made against Him.

Below: Images from public demonstration in Paris on December 11, 2011 by 7000 people.


1 LifeSiteNews, published in the article “Paris judge: nudity, sex positions in ‘blasphemous’ Golgota play OK for public” on December 9, 2011.