Our children, our future!

November 12, 2014
Source: District of the USA

Read why our children are the future of our society and thus why their formation is so important!

The November-December Regina Coeli Report is now available and includes a great photo gallery of the various children's summer camps sponsored by the SSPX in the United States District.

From the introduction to the theme, "Our Children, Our Future!", we provide this extract:

When founding the Society of St. Pius X, Archbishop Lefebvre wrote:

Schools, really free from any constraint so as to be able to give a thoroughly Christian education to the young, will be fostered and even founded by members of the Society. From these schools will come vocations and Christian homes.

From the homes of our families to the schools and camps sponsored by the Society, the Catholic principles of openness to generosity, hope, and confidence in God’s Providence bring an abundance of graces, including large families and many vocations.


Each year the number of camps we offer increases thanks not only to the generosity of the organizers, but also to that of our benefactors. This year there were thirteen camps with over 700 participants. Behind the scenes hundreds of volunteers and benefactors made this enterprise possible. To them in particular, these pictures are a way to say: Thank you!"

Also included with the RCR is Fr. Wegner's District Superior's Letter and a number of important district announcements.