Ordinations of 9 subdeacons and 13 to minor orders

March 17, 2016
Source: District of the USA

See some images of the ordination ceremonies of subdeacons, porters, lectors, exorcists and acolytes held at the SSPX's American seminary in Winona, Minnesota.

From St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary at Winona, MN, we offer some news extracts and photo gallery links about the ordinations to the subdiaconate and minor orders that occurred there Friday and Saturday (March 11 and 12).

We would also like to take the opportunity to notify our readers about the diaconate and priestly ordinations that will be held in Winona on June 3. This year's diaconate and priestly ordinations are especially significant, as they will be the last held at Winona due to the seminary's summer move to the new building in Virginia.

Nine new subdeacons for the Church!

On [Saturday] March 12th, seminarians Ian Palko, James Torzala, Peter Kallal, Tyler Nelson, Jonathan Kopec, Christopher Hone, Richard Brueggemann, Josh Jacobs, and John Carlisle were ordained to the major order of subdeacon by Bishop Tissier de Mallerais.

The role of the subdeacon is to present the paten and the chalice to the deacon at solemn high Mass, to pour the water into the chalice, and to sing the Epistle. He is also responsible for purifying the sacred linens.

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13 seminarians receive minor orders

8 seminarians received [on Friday, March 11th] the orders of porter and lector while 5 received the orders of exorcist and acolyte. The ordinations are made up of 3 parts: an admonition or instruction on the functions which will fall to the ordinands, the tradition of the attributes of the order, and finally a special prayer for the newly-ordained, asking God for the grace and the necessary virtues to acquit themselves in a holy manner of the functions of the order received.


The fourth minor order is that of acolyte. The acolyte is to bring light to the faithful, both by carrying lighted candles for the chanting of the Holy Gospel, as well as by his conduct, which should enlighten the faithful and bring them always closer to God. The acolyte also brings water and wine to the sacred ministers at the altar, which will—during the Consecration be turned into the Blood of Christ. Even more than before should he apply himself to a life of chastity.

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