Now up: validity of new episcopal consecrations

June 09, 2014
Source: District of the USA

Are the episcopal consecrations performed according to the rite of Novus Ordo valid? How can we be sure?

We have just made available again on SSPX.ORG the erudite study, The Validity of the New Rite of Episcopal Consecrations, which includes several interesting tables of comparative texts and a photographical bio of some principal participants involved.

The importance of this liturgical-sacramental theological study cannot be overstated, especially in the context of the post-conciliar crisis when the danger exists of improperly reacting to the liturgical issues of the Novus Ordo—the most common being the sedevacantists' assertion that the new rites are invalid.

However, the Catholic reaction is to examine matters closely and then make proper distinctions—as St. Augustine did famously in answer to the Donatists' charge that all baptisms performed by heretics were invalid.

Thus as stated in its introduction:

This comprehensive study was compiled to settle a debate that has been circulating in traditional Catholic circles. Some writers have examined the new rite of episcopal consecration and concluded that it must be invalid. Since this would cause manifest problems if it were true and due to the heightened awareness of such a theory, we present a study of this question concluding that it is valid.

Another connected topic that frequently surfaces is concerning the ordination of priests in the new rite:

Once again, it is crucial that as Catholics we make the proper distinctions and application of sacramental theology and canon law, and thus continue to act according to the mind and spirit of Holy Mother Church.