Now up: studies on 1988 Consecrations

January 29, 2014
Source: District of the USA

Available again on the website are two comprehensive studies on the 1988 Episcopal Consecrations ("Operation Rescue") performed by Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro Mayer to preserve Tradition, the priesthood and the SSPX:

Read why this courageous act of two great 20th century bishops was justified theologically and canonically, and so was not only legitimate, but even necessary. And hence, why these Catholic prelates never incurred the penalty of excommunication (let alone fall into schism) as was falsely declared.

Of course, the SSPX's canonical position concerning the supposed "excommunications" of 1988 were finally vindicated in 2009 by Pope Benedict XVI: Withdrawal of 1988 excommunications: press release.