New seminary video: A building that speaks of God

January 27, 2015
Source: District of the USA

Discover the profound reasons behind the architectural design of the new St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary under construction in Virginia.

Watch a beautiful video that presents the importance of the New Seminary Project taking place here in the United States at Dillwyn, Virginia.

As the construction of the new St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary building continues, one may wonder, why has this structure been built in such a particular fashion? How can architectural elements play such an important role in the formation of seminarians?

In this video, “A building that speaks of God," two Benedictine monks speak about the importance of the message that a building portrays, particularly for the spiritual formation of seminarians. Their monastic insights are very apt, as the new seminary has been conceived on the classic Cistercian—a branch of the Benedictines—monastic model.

The SSPX's Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay, also comments on the importance of the building's influence in accomplishing what Archbishop Lefebvre intended for the seminary formation of his priests. Even the general contractor comments about the building's unique construction and how it will last "500 years"—just like the great and ancient religious houses in Europe were built.

In announcing this new video, we would also like to ask our readers to keep in their prayers those seminarians who will be taking the cassock and receiving the clerical tonsure during the Pontifical Mass for Candlemas, February 2, at Winona, Minnesota.