New Seminary Update: Tile Work Underway

August 12, 2016
Source: District of the USA

We are pleased to present a photo gallery and update on the progression of the new home of the SSPX seminary in the United States

Thanks to the dedicated hard work of SSPX seminarians, Benedictine volunteers, and skilled friends of the seminary, tile work is underway for the new St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Virginia. As it stands, the floor tiles in the priests’ and bishops’ quarters has progressed well. Moreover, finishing work is also underway in all of the shower pans and walls.

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The present goal is to complete these rooms before moving on to the seminary’s first floor in mid-August. Even though the Society is thankful to be receiving such a good price on labor and materials, work on the seminarians’ rooms cannot be finished until more funding is received.

As most know by now, completion of the new seminary in Virginia is indispensable to the SSPX’s mission to form new priests and spread the Catholic Faith throughout the world. With the facilities in Winona, Minnesota proving inadequate to handle the wonderful influx of Society vocations, the ongoing project in Virginia serves to both rectify this problem and ensure that St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary has the capacity to properly house and train seminarians for decades to come.

Those interested in assisting the SSPX in this great work, please visit The New Seminary Project website to make a donation. Many different donation options are available, including one-time pledges and recurring gifts. Please know that your donations and prayers are essential to ensuring the successful completion of the new seminary and the continuing success of the SSPX’s apostolate.