New Phoenix church: a city-significant event

February 19, 2014
Source: District of the USA

Who would have thought that the SSPX's new church being built in Phoenix, Arizona, would be considered so important for the city?

This coming weekend, the new SSPX's church in Phoenix, Arizona is offering an open house to showcase its construction progress. As can be seen in this letter from the city's mayor, this new structure being erected for the worship of God is also considered as a significant event for southwest metropolis of Phoenix.

A celebration: completion of phase 2 for the new church

The large, new church at Our Lady of Sorrows on 705 E. Baseline Road in Phoenix is scheduled to end phase 2 of construction on February 22, 2014. An open-house ceremony and celebration, at which Councilwoman Kate Gallego will be present, is scheduled for the same day, 11:00am.

A little about us: Our Lady of Sorrows is a Catholic parish, retreat house and school:

  • the parish serves 600 parishioners, mostly large families who live nearby, but also attracts regular attendance from every part of the general Phoenix area and outside areas, including Tucson.
  • the retreat house hosts monthly, week-long retreats for as many as 30 persons at a time. Locals, visitors from almost every state and even guests from Canada and Mexico take advantage of our services and location to refresh themselves spiritually.
  • the school serves primarily as a parish school, but has opened its doors to locals outside of our parish, and even to out-of-state students from as far away as Connecticut and New York.

Significance of this project and event:

  • Many local and city officials have supported this project as one of the biggest improvements of the South Phoenix area, where city development has been a primary focus.
  • Because of its beauty and symbolic purpose, the city of Phoenix has granted several variances to accommodate the scope of this project, the tallest building structure in south Phoenix.
  • This project is being funded internally, a symbol of the commitment and generosity of our community.
  • The bell tower cross-raising ceremony will celebrate this landmark community effort, already a symbol of hope and an inspiration to so many.
  • Numerous job opportunities, local and throughout the Phoenix area, have been created by this project.
  • The building is constructed with 8” & 12” ICF Blocks (Insulated Concrete Forms) which produces a very high energy efficiency rating

Special recognition:

  • General Contractors- DNG Construction, LLC
  • Architects (Construction Administration: Orcutt-Winslow / Design: Laszlo Kovacs Architecture)
  • Project to be nominated for an international ICF block award for complexity and beauty

Please visit for more information about our community and this event.