New Issue of The Angelus Explores the Rich History of America before the Puritans

December 21, 2018
Source: District of the USA

At the close of 2018, the publishers of The Angelus explore the rich history of America before the Puritans - a complex and fascinating tapestry of human ambition driven by religious fervor.

Fr. Jurgen Wegner, District Superior of the United States, writes the following at the introduction of this issue:

It is commonly taught that the territory which is presently the United States saw the dawn of civilization with the first wave of Puritans landing in the Boston harbor. This facile history however is passing over some really heroic and poignant missionary activities from literally all four corners of the country. Between the French settlements, from Canada to Louisiana via the Great Lakes, and the Spaniards, from settling the South from Florida to California, the United States was the stage for relentless efforts to learn the language and habits of the Native Americans so as to better teach them Heaven’s message and save their souls. 

The present issue of The Angelus covers some of the most epic history of this country, with its woes and glorious moments of the pre-Puritan era. It illustrates vividly the statement of Pius XII that 'The preachers of the Gospel are using their talents and energy to extend the Kingdom of Christ; but there are other preachers who, since they profess materialism and reject all hope of eternal happiness, are trying to drag men down to an abject condition.'

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Table of Contents:


Theme: Before the Puritans

Saint Mary’s: An Outpost of the Faith, by Andrew J. Clarendon 

Civilization, Colonization, and the Missionary Spirit: European Encounters in the New World, by Dr. Louis Shwartz                                                         

Success Through Failure: A History of New France, by Fr. Dominique Bourmaud, SSPX    

The Hudson River Valley, Washington Irving, and a Puritan-Free America, by Dr. John Rao


The Sacrifice of the Cross, Made Visible: Padre Pio, by Fr. François-Marie Chautard, SSPX

The Kyrie and Gloria, by Fr. Christopher Danel

Evangelii Praecones, Extracts from the Encyclical of Pius XII on the Missions, June 2, 1951             

Gothic Noel, by Jehan Le Povremoyne              

San Agustín, Florida and the City of God, by a Benedictine monk             

Christian Culture

A History of Catholic Liberalism, Conference by Prof. Luis Roldán              

St. Anne de Beaupré, by Dr. Marie-France Hilgar               

The Forgiveness of Offenses, by the SSPX Sisters              

Miracles and the Laws of Nature, by Fr. Paul Robinson, SSPX      

Questions and Answers, by Fr. Juan-Carlos Iscara, SSPX

Why do people persist in doing things that can only end in creating an addiction?             

How can we bring the use of these devices—and the internet—under control?

But what can we do when we have to use the computer?

News from Tradition

McCarrick’s Resignation Was Only The Beginning

Pope Francis’ Homily on September 11, 2018

Process of Canonization Opened for Fr. Pedro Arrupe

Church and World                                                                      

Confusing Counsel on Dignitatis Humanae, by Professor Hren

The Last Word, by Fr. Daniel Couture, SSPX