New Issue of The Angelus Examines the Episcopacy, Collegiality, and Modern Regalism

January 22, 2019
Source: District of the USA

In this issue of The Angelus we treat the Episcopacy with examples of outstanding bishops, like St. Thomas Becket and our dear founder. Other perspectives allow us to form a more complete picture of the key role of these Princes of the Church and their impact on history, especially in the dual between China and Rome today.

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Table of Contents:

Theme: The Episcopacy
– The Choice of Bishops: A Right of the Church
– Good Bishops, Court Bishops, and Modern Regalism
– Letter to Future Bishops
– Recollection for 4 Future Bishops
– The Problem with Collegiality
– Consecration of a Bishop

– Bishop’s Oath and Examination
– The Good Shepherd and His Flock

Christian Culture
– An Interview with Fr. Paul Robinson
– The Cathedral of Rheims
– The Iron Wall Between Mao and Pius XII
– Politician to Prelate: Man Can Only Serve One Master
– Questions and Answers

News from Tradition
– Church and World
– The Death Penalty According to Pope Francis
– The Last Word