New images of Phoenix church consecration

September 17, 2015
Source: District of the USA

If you missed Sunday's live streamed video of the consecration of the SSPX's new Phoenix church, you can see some images of the beautiful event here.

We are offering below an updated and expanded photo gallery of images of the Sunday, September 13th consecration of our new church in Phoenix, Arizona, which is dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows. [Note that we have replaced the video screen shots offered yesterday with actual photographs.]

The images show the impressive consecration ceremony and solemn Pontifical Mass that followed, offered by the SSPX's Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay.

The ceremonies actually began on Saturday, September 12th, with the attestation and sealing up of the relics to be enshrined in the sepulcher of the altar's mensa (table). This is followed by a special vigil where the relics are venerated before their deposition into the altar the next day.

Here is a synopsis of the order of the ceremonies:

Saturday, September 12

  • Attestation and sealing of relics to be inserted in altar sepulcher
  • Vigil with the relics

Sunday, September 13

  • Exterior purification of the church at front porch
  • Interior purification of the church with Gregorian Water
  • Inscription of Latin and Greek alphabet in ashes on nave floor
  • Procession with relics to the altar
  • Sealing of relics into the sepulcher of the high altar's mensa
  • Sermon
  • Anointing of high altar with chrism
  • Anointing of 12 crosses on church's interior walls with chrism
  • Burning of incense into altar mensa's engraved consecration crosses
  • Pontifical Mass

Also coming soon on DVD is an abbreviated version of the 5-hour long ceremony.