New book tackles chaos of Family Synod

June 02, 2015
Source: District of the USA

A new book by three bishops has been published to reassert the moral doctrine of the Catholic Church prior to the upcoming second session of the Synod on the Family.

On LifeSiteNews is reported the release of a "new hard-hitting book" by three bishops that intends to clarify the chaos stemming from the Synod of the Family: Preferential Option for the Family—100 Questions and Answers Relating to the Synod. [1]

The three prelates who wrote the "guidebook on the Church's teaching on marriage and the family" were Archbiship Aldo de Cillo Pagotto (Paraiba, Brazil), Bishop Robert Vasa (Santa Rosa, CA), and Bishop Athanasius Schneider (Auxiliary of Astana, Kazakhstan).

This book which "tackles very difficult questions head-on" has the object of clearly presenting the Church's teaching on moral issues that affect marriage and the family. As explained by Bishop Vasa:

There is nothing new or revolutionary in this book... We just simply felt that, in light of the upcoming synod on the family, it was time to reiterate those things the Church has clearly and consistently taught.”

One of the 100 questions asked if the Church's teachings are "out of touch with the modern world" to which the three bishops firmly answered:

If the faithful no longer understand a moral doctrine, the blame does not fall on the doctrine but above all on those who should teach it in a clear and convincing way. The historical transformation of society is a result of cultural and moral errors. The Church should not adapt to these errors or their consequences but rather identify, denounce and remedy them. Therein lies a real ‘update’ of her ministry.”

The publication of Preferential Option for the Family follows upon a previously published series of studies, Remaining in the Truth of Christ: Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church, written by five cardinals. As reported by LifeSiteNews in February, copies of this book were intercepted by the Vatican Post Office on the orders of the manipulative Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri (the synodal general secretary) to prevent its timely dissemination to the bishops during the Synod.

Chief amongst the prelates that have endorsed the new Preferential Option for the Family is Cardinal Jorge Medina Estevez (former prefect for the Congregation for Divine Worship) who underlined the importance of the work for helping to resolve the "real and profound crisis" that is presently attacking the family:

Facing this reality, it would not be a wise attitude to ignore or minimize this crisis,” the cardinal wrote, and the Church must “evaluate its scope and magnitude and strive to find ways to overcome it. This is the goal pursued, with realism and hope, by this booklet.”


1All citations are from LifeSiteNews, May 29, 2015 article, "Three bishops pen new hard-hitting book to clear up Synod confusion".