New: articles on the Papacy

January 03, 2014
Source: District of the USA

Some important articles about the nature of the papacy, the teaching magisterium and the charism of infallibility.

Actually, these are articles are not really "new", though they have just been made available here on the new

The papacy: some clear thoughts: Transcribed from a conference given back in 2005, Fr. Schmidberger gives some clear explanations about the papacy, its institution by Jesus Christ, its purpose and history, some examples on how the post-conciliar popes should continue to be respected, as well as philosophical arguments against the error of sedevacantism.

Clear ideas on the pope's infallible magisterium: What worries Catholics most in the current crisis in the Church is precisely the "problem of the pope." We need very clear ideas on this question. We must avoid shipwreck to the right and to the left, either by the spirit of rebellion or, on the other hand, by an inappropriate and servile obedience. The serious error which is behind many current disasters is the belief that the "Authentic Magisterium" is nothing other than the "Ordinary Magisterium."

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