Masses with a grand view!

February 06, 2015
Source: District of the USA

See some beautiful images of the outdoor Masses offered at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

The United States of America is a country that possesses a variety of natural scenic splendors. Of these, perhaps the most breath-taking and certainly unique is the Grand Canyon.

Situated just a few highway hours north from Our Lady of Sorrows Retreat Center in Phoenix, Arizona, the Grand Canyon's South Rim became the recent designation of the resident 2 SSPX male religious, Brs. Alphonsus and Dismas, accompanied by Fr. Kevin Robinson.

The trip became the occasion of 2 spectacular open-air Masses that were offered at the Grand Canyon. In addition to some beautiful photos (see the gallery below), Fr. Robinson has also given us a quick report about the trip that occurred January 5-6.

Grand Canyon Masses: "It was cold, but worth it!"

Fr. Kevin Robinson

Not much to say about the trip, just a day off for the brothers. They packed a Mass kit and drove the 3 hours from Phoenix to the Canyon.

We asked the locals where the best sunset view is (South Rim), they said Hopi Point. This was too crowded so we went a bit farther west to this isolated spot. Still 7 or 8 people stopped to observe the Mass, and Br. Dismas gave his camera to a man who took the photos.

One couple spoke to us after Mass, an Indian couple who were of the Jain religion. The wife was overwhelmed, as she had been taught by the old time Dominicans and she loved the old Mass. They wanted copies of the photos.

The next day another woman saw us at a viewing site, and said she was overjoyed to attend the Mass, but sad that I had no Communion to give. Several others commented at dinner and the next day about this unusual event.

We tried the next morning (Epiphany) to do a sunrise Mass, but the wind and cold and crowds were too much, so we went back to the hotel.

Br. Alphonsus was super cold, and worried about slipping on the icy rocks and stepping over a crevasse to serve Mass. But the effort was worth it! We felt like it was the Arizona Cathedral of Almighty God!

Brothers' Novitiate

In connection with this story, we would like to call to the attention of young men the SSPX's brothers' novitiate located at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona, Minnesota. Some information about the profound vocation in the Society's brotherhood can be read on the seminary's website.