A list of doubts on the canonizations

April 24, 2014
Source: District of the USA

Should Popes John Paul II and John XXIII be declared saints? We offer a list of articles that examine this important question.

Many Catholics are expressing concerns and even doubts about the announced canonizations of Popes John Paul II and John XXIII to take place on Sunday, April 27th.

These questions have come about due to the unprecedented haste in the procedural examinations of John Paul II's and John XXIII's cases, especially the reduction of miracles required (let alone that the veracity of these miracles are being called into question). Another critique raised is the scandals that occurred under his pontificate, especially what Pope John Paul II himself declared as a "silent apostasy".

Indeed, similar problems have existed with many of the post-conciliar beatifications and canonizations (primarily through the redefinition of "heroic virtue"), which the Society of St. Pius X has been warning Catholics about for decades. To this end, we have published below a list of the various articles that we offer on this topic here are SSPX.ORG.

Brochure of doubts for canonizing John Paul II—some extracts

Problems with post-conciliar canonizations and beatifications

Pope John Paul II

Pope Paul VI

Pope John XXIII