The Latest Issue of The Angelus Available: How Catholics Built Civilization

September 01, 2020
Source: District of the USA

The present issue of The Angelus relates some pointed moments of Christian civilization throughout the world, and especially in the New World. May it help souls to strengthen their conviction in a crucial moment.

From the first article in this issue by Fr.William J. Slattery, "America's Deeply Catholic Beginnings:"

In the minds of many, the American story is a Protestant story. And yet, a closer examination of historical facts reveals the unexpected: the deeply Catholic beginnings of the United States and Canada. Although long ignored by most academics, since the early twentieth century leading non-Catholic historians have pioneered the reappraisal of North America’s Catholic roots. 


Letter from the Publisher

Theme: How Catholics Built Civilization

— America’s Deeply Catholic Beginnings 
— Culture and Hamlet 
— Christendom in the Jungle: The Jesuit Missions in Paraguay
— Isabel the Conqueror 
— The Father of California 
— Faith and Civilization According to Archbishop Lefebvre


— The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: The Offertory—Part Four
— There is No Greater Love

Christian Culture

— Autun Cathedral 
— These Ruins Are Inhabited: Catholic Civilization Versus “the Libido for the Ugly”
— Ismael de Tomelloso: A “Red” with a White Soul 
— How to Educate the Child in the Spirit of Service 
— Questions and Answers 


— Complex Questions & Simple Answers 
—  Book Review: An Introduction to Catholic Social Doctrine
— Tradition’s Answer to the Conciliar Ecclesiology 
— The Last Word 

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