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March 05, 2014
Source: District of the USA

We offer this spiritual and material appeal from the SSPX's Africa District, which encourages Catholics to do penance this Lent for the added intention of helping the SSPX's missionary work on African continent in spreading the Catholic Faith, and thus continue the work of Archbishop Lefebvre. Want to make a donation?

My Lent for Africa

Behold we are going up to Jerusalem, and the Son of Man shall be delivered to the Gentiles, and shall be mocked and scourged and spit upon. And after they have scourged him, they will put him to death. And the third day he shall rise again. (Luke 18, 32).

Our Lord is travelling to Jerusalem. He walks with determination though He knows exactly the events that will happen. The Apostles look determined also, but they have earthly thoughts. They think that Jesus goes to Jerusalem to be publically proclaimed the Messiah and Savior of the world, and that He will take the throne of His father David. The Apostles are already dreaming they will become ministers, members of parliament or senators in this restored earthly kingdom. Our Lord Jesus makes very clear with them that He will not reign over Jerusalem as they think, but that He will be crowned by a sorrowful glory, the glory of the Cross.

May we receive these words of Our Lord as an invitation to follow Him during the time of Lent!

May we receive the grace to have a part with Him in His work of Redemption of the Souls!

We must first receive these words for our own soul and put all our efforts during this time of Lent to combat our main fault by a good resolution, which we shall observe every single day of Lent. This is how we shall make Our Lord's work of Redemption to be fruitful for our own souls.

May we make the work of Redemption to be fruitful also for our neighbors! Though this time of Lent must be hard for ourselves, we must make it easy and comfortable for our neighbors by the practice of a genuine brotherly Charity.

May we make also Our Lord's Redemption to be fruitful for all the souls which Jesus Christ died for on the Holy Cross!

During the Lent 2014, we have a great opportunity to offer our efforts, prayers and sacrifices for the Redemption of the souls in Africa, and for the support of the missionary Priests who have been sent to these souls.

The evangelization of Africa only started during the 19th century. The souls are torn between the attraction of the modern world, which they try to imitate, and the attraction of their former pagan customs. They are starving for the teaching of the true Faith and the food of the Holy Mass and Sacraments.

Let us unite our prayers and Lenten efforts to Our Lord's Passion for the salvation of the souls in Africa!

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