Images of Pontifical Mass: Kansas City

October 30, 2013
Source: District of the USA

On Sunday, October 13th, Bishop Bernard Fellay offered a solemn Pontifical Mass in historic St. Vincent de Paul Church in Kansas City, Missouri, one of the climaxes of the 2013 Angelus Press Conference, "That She May Reign". See the sidebar media (to the right and below) for some images!

The positions of the sacred ministers were fulfilled by priests from the District Office and St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, while the offices of inferior ministers (MCs, acolytes, capellani and torchbearers) were taken up by visiting seminarians and parish altar servers.

It was an inspiring sight to see the green-vestment clad priests (and some seminarians) of the Society of St. Pius X surrounding their Superior General in unity during the offering of the Holy Sacrifice in the pontifical form, the highest and fullest expression of the liturgical rite of Mass.

During the Pontifical Mass, Bishop Fellay gave a stirring sermon outlining the current crisis in the Church and offered some remedies.