In honor of our patron, St. Pius X

September 03, 2015
Source: District of the USA

See our list of reading, audio and devotional suggestions given in honor of the Church's liturgical feast of Pope St. Pius X.

Image above: the bronze statue of St. Pius X situated in the courtyard of his namesake seminary for the SSPX in Econe, Switzerland.

Today (September 3) is the Feast of St. Pius X, a first class feast for our priestly society. To honor our holy papal patron, we offer here a collection of links available on our website about St. Pius X.

Reading suggestions

Of "thoroughly papal sanctity": St. Pius X
What attributes of St. Pius X were the cause for having him canonized a saint in 1954 by Pope Pius XII?

St. Pius X's motto and the SSPX
What did St. Pius X mean with his motto "to restore all things in Christ" and how does it relate to the SSPX's mission?

Born poor, lived poor and died poor: St. Pius X
Some accounts about the cause of the sufferings that led to Pope Pius X's death and a contemporary homage given to him

Why is St. Pius X the Society's patron?
When Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre established his society for forming priests, why did he choose Pope St. Pius X as its patron?

St. Pius X died today 100 years ago
A brief word on the death of St. Pius X, his burial, exhumation and final resting place (from August 2014)

Audio conferences

Portland, Oregon talk on St. Pius X
Listen to the talks about St. Pius X given in Portland, Oregon by Louie Verrecchio and Fr. Joseph Wood

St. Pius X and the Immaculate
Fr. Stehlin gave a powerful conference during the 2014 Lourdes Pilgrimage to celebrate the centenary of the death of St. Pius X

Published works

Get to know a Saint: Pius X
Yes, you can become a saint too! And reading about the life of St. Pius X can help you obtain this goal!

St. Pius X: 100 Years Later
The May-June 2014 issue of The Angelus magazine includes several interesting articles about the saintly pope


Sancte Pie Decime: song to our saint
Are you familiar with the stirring song to St. Pius X often heard sung at the SSPX's events?

Prayer of St. Pius X to the Immaculate Virgin Mary