Hoc est enim Corpus Meum: Eucharistic poem

June 16, 2014
Source: District of the USA

A poem in honor of the Most Blessed Sacrament for the occasion of the Feast of Corpus Christi.

The feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist is this week on Thursday, June 19th, and we offer this poetic work in tribute for this profound mystery of our Catholic Faith.

Corpus Christi: Hoc est enim Corpus Meum


Thou didst feed thy people with the food of angels, and gavest them bread from heaven prepared without labor; having in it all that is delicious, and the sweetness of every taste. (Wisdom 16:20)

Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie." (Pater noster)

This is My Body,
take and eat
Taste the Lord,
O so sweet,
Mystery of mysteries
hidden beneath
sensible species,
Panis Vitae,
so delectable...

bread and wine
foretaste of
Mystic Sign
Sacrament of
Christ Divine...

O most Holy
Bread of Life
heavenly Manna,
mystic wheat,
Mystery of mysteries,
so replete...
The Word made Flesh
gives us His Flesh to eat
Thy words of

Hoc est enim
Corpus Meum

transcends all
O wondrous

The unbeliever
dost deny
the Truth,
the Essence,
which dost lie
hidden from
human eye
Faith is not
that which is seen,
but, that which sees
through shadows mean

He Who made
all that is—
both visible
and invisible—
most surely
could give us His Body
Wonder of wonders...
so ineffable

Who walked on water;
Who changed water
into wine;
Who multiplied
the loaves;
Who raised the dead
to life;
Who makes a
into a butterfly;

How can anyone doubt?
How could one deny?
That God,
Who is Almighty,
Eternal Infinite,
Who for heaven’s sake
took on our mortal flesh,
Who died
and rose again;
How could He
in like manner
not perform this Mystery?
He Who says,
Blessed are they,
who believe,
although they
do not see.

He the Bread of Life,
Panis Vitae,
Who clearly does attest:
Panis quem Ego dabo,
Caro Mea est
" (John 6:52)

We thank thee
O dear Mother,
holy granary of Wheat,
for the Bread of Life
that we daily eat;
Ark of the New Covenant,
in whom
the true Manna
didst deign to dwell,
the Living Bread
from heaven,
who could feign foretell?
O Blessed Virgin Monstrance,
Most Holy Citadel

O Sacrament most Holy,
O Sacrament Divine,
all praise and all thanksgiving
be every moment Thine!