Have you read: Is the New Mass legit?

August 21, 2013
Source: District of the USA

Was the Novus Ordo Missae was legitimately promulgated... even more so, was there an ecumenical motive behind its creation?

The article, "Is the New Mass legit" briefly examines the legal case for the Novus Ordo Missae's supposed promulgation by Pope Paul VI, while touching on the ecumenical agenda that was at heart of the post-conciliar Liturgical Reform.

Two extracts from the article:

We need to look at the Apostolic Constitution Missale Romanum (April 3, 1969) which allegedly promulgated the Novus Ordo Missae. Most of the document describes the novelties and the final part never declares clearly what the Pope commands, forbids, or concedes... It appears that Paul VI never wanted to render his missal mandatory, with a truly juridical obligation. Why?...

Thus, if the celebration [of the New Mass] by a Protestant is theologically possible, this means that the Novus Ordo expresses no dogma with which the Protestants are in disagreement. But the first of these dogmas is the Real Presence, essence and center of the Mass of St. Pius V. Could a Protestant pastor celebrate the Novus Ordo if he was to perform the consecration in the intention used by the Catholic Church?"

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