Grace works even in unexpected places

January 10, 2014
Source: District of the USA

A Christmas letter written from prison shows how sanctity can be obtained even in unlikely places.

Pastor's Corner for Sunday, January 12

We wish to offer an extract from a Christmas card received from an unexpected quarter, which shows that while difficult situations often brings out the worst in people, they can also show the best from God’s children.

Such here is the example from an inmate, who has willingly converted his forcible jail time into a kind of prolonged retreat, for his own sanctity and that of his fellow cellmates.

His edifying words demonstrate to us (also living in difficult times) the hope that grace is always accessible and thus holiness can be achieved even under the most undesirable of circumstances.

Dear X,

Here I am again, just to tell you that I am okay considering things. I hope you are doing all right too.

Our Lady keeps working through our mercenary heart and washing all our sins. This past September, she “dished out” the grace of conversion for three prisoners, now my godchildren. The local priest gave them the three sacraments during the same session, Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion.

They had been prepared by their future godfather for three or four months using the Baltimore Catechism. Now I am trying to get hold of the Doctrina Cristiana by Ripalda so that the Mexicans who do not know English may learn the catechism too.

Perhaps you can send me also Be led by the Immaculate of Kolbe. And also perhaps the Vatican II Council, a Story Never Written of de Mattei. We can also use a good book on the history of the reformation which is a hot topic here in this Calvinist land!

Oh, dear X, may Our Lady grant you all the graces you needed during this wondrous exchange that Blessed Columba Marmion instructed us about during the Christmas season.

We were created to know, love, serve and revere God in this world, and by this means and His merciful graces, go to Him for all eternity!

Signed X"

As a final word, please keep these souls in your prayers.