God blesses us! He gives His divine Son. He allows us to be close to God.  

December 21, 2019
Source: District of the USA

The integral Catholic Faith reveals to us the mystery of God: the beauty of our vocation, the nobility of man, the dignity of one who serves God. We share the hope to enjoy eternal harmony and unity. Already on earth, we are close to our God: in prayer, in front of the tabernacle. During the most sublime moments after Holy Communion, God truly dwells in us.

God’s grace grants us a very special place! He has honored us! None of our good intentions, resolutions, or sacrifices can ever merit the privilege God has granted us. 

We must show Him our recognition by setting aside the time of adoration that God deserves, intensifying our efforts to live a truly Catholic life. More than ever before, we should reach out to souls and invite them to share our bliss. Every moment we should thank God for His benevolent love for us.

I wish you and your families all the graces of our Newborn King,

Fr. Jürgen Wegner


Merry Christmas



Beneath the frail exterior of His body the Blessed Virgin Mary adored the living God – for she knew that this was the living God whom she had in her house; she knew by the annun-  ciation of the angel, and Joseph knew it perfectly as well. […]

Let us today entreat the most Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph, not only for ourselves, but also for our families, for all those who surround us. That they may come to the light of Our Lord Jesus Christ who know Him but little, who do not obey him, who distance themselves from Him. Let us have pity on all those souls who do not know the King of love and of glory – in Whom we have the happiness to believe, Whom we have the happiness to love.

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre,
Sermon on Christ the King,
October 29th 1979