Get to know a Saint: Pius X

September 03, 2013
Source: District of the USA

Yes, you can become a saint too! And reading about the life of St. Pius X can help you obtain this goal!

Sometimes we consider the saints as being more angelic than human—more metaphysical than comprised of flesh and blood. Or devoid of weakness or temptation and thus able to easily conquer all while barely touching the ground. Even more so, that they succeeded in every venture (even holy ones) in which they engaged themselves.

They were real enough though and went through life as we did, enduring the daily grind while trying to sanctify themselves and get to Heaven. And yet their personal holiness was often hidden from sight—particularly in the midst of their every day dealings with other men.

Take for example the saint of today (September 3): Pope St. Pius X—yes, he was a priest, a bishop, and even a pope, who did "holy things" such as offering Mass and feeding souls with the sacraments. He also had a desk job—shuffling through papers, writing notes (and encyclicals), reading memorandums, holding administrative meetings and the like (just look at his desk in the image above).

While the sanctity of the humble Giuseppe Sarto may have occasionally shone forth in his face or in some small action, for the most part, it was not always discernible in his every ink scribble (as Hollywood so often erroneously depicts sanctity).

The true lesson of the saints is that sanctity is obtainable for all men and women—no matter what their state of life. And you can learn through two different books available from Angelus Press how a man of the modern 20th century gained and lived in holiness during his own earthly life:

A blessed feast of St. Pius X to you!