German bishops in danger of schism

September 10, 2015
Source: District of the USA

Are the events of 1517 about to be repeated in Germany?

Image above: a gathering of the German Bishops Conference.

LifeSiteNews reported on September 8th that Cardinal Gerhard Muller made "headlines in Germany" due to his recent comments about the German bishops, such as:

…the tendency of German bishops to divide doctrine from pastoral practice is not unlike the abuses surrounding the Protestant split in 1517. One should 'be very vigilant and not forget the lesson of Church history,' he said."[1]

The Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith made his critical remarks in Regensburg, Germany during the release of the German language-edition God or Nothing by Cardinal Robert Sarah.

Apparently Muller is not the only one questioning the situation in native country, for:

he is frequently asked why German bishops claim to be leaders of the Catholic Church—while flouting teachings on marriage and sexuality—despite overseeing dramatic reductions in church attendance, shrinking numbers of seminarians, and a drop in vocations to religious orders.


Many German bishops have declared that 'life realities' must be taken into account as part of Church teaching and salvation. However, Mueller said the goal should not be ‘about adapting the Revelation to the world, but …about gaining the world for God.'"


1 News source and quotes taken from the LifeSiteNews article of September 8, 2015: "Pope’s doctrine chief warns of possible ‘schism’ in the Church like Protestant split".