Fund Established for Louisiana Flood Support

August 31, 2016
Source: District of the USA

Our bretheren in Louisiana have been patiently slogging through floodwaters to repair their parish and retrieve their property. Here's how to help:


As we reported last week, the SSPX parishes in Louisiana have been hit with a flood that is a 500-year rarity.  Several of our parishioners suffered a total loss of home and property, another family lost all their belongings, and the Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel in Baton Rouge is uninhabitable.

The District House has set up an emergency fund to assist these families and the church to regain at least some sense of normalcy after this trying and difficult time.

Our faithful are encouraged to give - even a little - in order to provide temporal help to these good people, and to pray for their perseverance as they work through this cross they have been given.


For further information on the flood and the clean-up effort, we invite you to review the article posted last week: Historic Flooding Strikes SSPX Parish

We know that many of our families are large, and extra finances are a luxury - so it is with a grateful acknowledgement of this potential sacrifice and charity that we request help for our Louisiana faithful.