Fr. Wegner: Pray to Mary, Remember Your Mothers, and Pray for Holy Mother Church

May 15, 2019
Source: District of the USA

During the month of May, faithful are invited to send the names of their mothers to the Regina Coeli House, and they will be added to the intentions of a special Mass at the end of the month.  Fr. Wegner, US District Superior, writes below:

Dear Friend,

Perhaps you, like me, watched the roaring fire as it consumed and destroyed the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris last month. As the magnificent Cathedral, appropriately named “Our Lady of Paris,” was relentlessly ravaged by the fire, it was hard not to think that the scene was similar to the current state of Our Mother, the Holy Roman Catholic Church—battered, but not broken; damaged, but still standing—still a symbol of hope visible across a scarred landscape.
As you know, the Church has seen and overcome difficult times before. The Church in France was almost overrun by France’s bloody revolution of the late 18th century. And Notre Dame Cathedral, herself, was sacked and desecrated by the revolutionaries. Stained glass and statuary were destroyed, treasures stolen, the lead roof scavenged to make bullets for the revolution, and a new, atheistic “Cult of Reason” took over the cathedral. Following the French Revolution, the Church suffered for many years. And, Notre Dame was not restored to its religious and architectural splendor, with a new spire—the one that just burned down—for another 75 years.

Today, we are caught in the midst of a spiritual battle that is in many ways worse than that revolution. The modernism that has so damaged our Faith, our families, and all of society has roots in that bloody revolution in France. The Society of Saint Pius X has been fighting the latest stage in this war, working tirelessly to maintain Tradition and to help people keep the Faith, for over 50 years.

As we approach May, the month dedicated to mothers, especially our mother Mary, it is fitting that we ask Mary’s help for the Church. Please make a special commitment during May to pray to Mary, Mother of the Church, for her assistance with the restoration of all things in her Son, Jesus Christ. Ask her to help the Church and to help the Society in our work to restore Tradition in the Church.

As I have said to you in my previous letters, this holy work is made possible by the material assistance you provide. The money you provide to the Society is an expression of love for your supernatural mother. The giving of your hard-earned dollars demonstrates a commitment to the revitalization of the Catholic Church through the Society’s relentless commitment to the restoration of all things in Christ. Only when the Church is brought back to full health can we hope to fulfill Christ’s desire that all men come to know Him and find salvation. Supporting the SSPX is about bringing the Gospel to all of those with ears to hear in the hope that, by God’s grace, hearts will be converted, and souls saved.

Please remember that every contribution counts. A gift of $100 or $50 is greatly appreciated, but even a modest contribution of $25 or $10 keeps the Society moving forward.

You may also consider making a larger gift to the Society by placing it in your will, establishing a charitable trust, or committing to a monthly donation through our Partnership with Priests program.

Our beloved Church has been suffering for many years. We, her children, remain faithful and await the day that she will be restored to her rightful position as a light to all nations.

I am grateful for all of your prayers and support.
Sincerely yours,
Jürgen Wegner 
United States District Superior 

P.S. Don’t forget prayer intentions for your own mother this Mother’s Day. Please include her name (or the name of any other mother or grandmother) on the reply card or by including a note with your donation and we will offer prayers for her at a special Mass for mothers offered at the end of May at the Regina Coeli House.