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An Interview with a Priest of the Society of Saint Josaphat on the War in Ukraine

The following is an interview with Fr. Bogdan Vytrykush of the Society of Saint Josaphat (SSJK), a fraternity of traditional Ukrainian Greek Catholic priests associated with the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX). It was conducted by the author of The Okie Traditionalist blog and with the blessing of Fr. Vytrykush's superior. The original interview, along with the interviewer's commentary, is available online here. We wish to thank the interviewer for permission to reproduce this interview. Minor stylistic edits have been made throughout, but the conversational style of the interview has been retained.


Since its founding in 2000, the SSJK has been strongly affiliated with the SSPX. In addition to supplying spiritiual and material support, the Society's bishops have ordained numerous priests for the SSJK over the years. In February, SSPX Superior General Davide Pagliarani issued a statement asking for prayers for Ukraine on behalf of the SSJK.