Follow the 2014 Youth Pilgrimage in France

June 04, 2014
Source: District of the USA

Follow in the footsteps of the SSPX-American pilgrims as they traverse through France with our reports and images!

The SSPX's 2014 Youth Pilgrimage to France has begun! Led again by Fr. Patrick Rutledge (District Bursar), the young American adults are in for a wonderful artistic and spiritual opportunity as they tour Catholic France.

Following in their footsteps, Fr. Rutledge will be offering reports and images of the youth pilgrimage every couple of days and we begin here with his introductory report.

Youth Pilgrimage 2014: Introduction

The 4th annual youth pilgrimage is just getting under way and as 43 American youth trek around northern France’s most famous religious and historical sites, we invite you to come along with us. Every few days we will be sending updates with pictures of the various sites that we visit.

By the grace of God and the generosity of many benefactors, this apostolate continues on and will give a formation to our youth’s minds, souls, eyes and hearts, while allowing them to beg for many graces at the same time. Our destinations, amongst others will include:

  1. Paris: Chapel of the Miraculous Medal, Notre Dame and St. Vincent de Paul
  2. Lisieux: Basilica of the St. Therese of the Child Jesus and her family home, Les Buissonnets
  3. Bayeux: cathedral and famous Norman tapestries
  4. Omaha Beach: where many American soldiers died on D-Day, which will celebrate its 70th Anniversary on June 6th this year.
  5. Mont Saint-Michel: Famous tidal island, Benedictine Abbey and fortification
  6. Tours: Basilica of St. Martin of Tours, cathedral and Oratory of the Holy Face
  7. Loire Valley: Chateaux’s of Amboise and Blois, home to kings during the 100 Years War
  8. Orleans: city liberated by St. Joan of Arc in helping Charles VII reclaim France for the rightful house of Valois.
  9. Chartres: where we will tour its grand cathedral and prepare for the 65-mile Chartres-Paris walking pilgrimage.

We look forward to telling you the many stories of these places and we hope that you will share these stories of Catholic and historical tradition with many others. Also, please pray for our youth that they may benefit from this pilgrimage.

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