Father's Day Reflection: Fr. Wegner Recalls Abp. Lefebvre's Message on the Family

June 14, 2019
Source: District of the USA
The future Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (left) with his family

As Father's Day approaches, US District Superior Fr. Jürgen Wegner recalls Archbishop Lefebvre's words on the importance of the family, and reminds faithful to think of their spiritual fathers - the priests.

Dear Friends,

As I travel throughout the district, I see many families and, especially during the months of May and June, many family celebrations. During these months we typically see graduations, gatherings for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and especially, many weddings.

In times like these, when the sanctity of the family is under attack, it is good to reflect on the importance of holy families. These families are the product of holy marriages, and of holy mothers and holy fathers.

In 1983, on the feast of the Holy Family, Archbishop Lefebvre spoke of the need for holy fathers and mothers in order to raise saints in their families.

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