Fall US District Newsletter: The Riches of Catholic Family Life

September 07, 2018
Source: District of the USA

Fr. Wegner, US District Superior, writes: We are bringing families to the forefront, just as we do at the end of our daily Rosary for our faithful with the invocation: “O Lord, grant us many holy Catholic families!”

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Certain vocations lend themselves to the single life, like education, healthcare, and missionary work. Indeed, in the order of redemption, the soul has a mission and relationship with God before the masculine and feminine aspect. Whatever our state in life, the most important thing is our spiritual life. Nobility and status consist primarily in intimacy with God.

This being said, the founding of a family is still the common lot of those facing life-long decisions. In the face of a society unsure of itself and unconcerned with defending the family, today’s youth can experience the bitter taste of married couples suffering spiritually because of God’s absence in their lives. By contrast, true Christian couples make Him reign in family life with the blessings inseparable from His presence.

What did God have in mind when He created our first parents? How, by raising their children, can married couples achieve that intimate union with God? No marriage is perfect; no family is ever going to be a carbon copy of the Holy Family of Nazareth. Yet, along with the inevitable tears and crosses, no couple may doubt that God grants numerous blessings and profound joys to those faithful to His law.

Download the August - September Regina Coeli Report
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