The ecumenism trap

February 12, 2014
Source: District of the USA

Is ecumenism really a problem for the average Catholic? What are the dangerous effects of ecumenism?

For the great mass of post-conciliar Catholics of today, nothing is more pleasing than interconfessional practices. It must be said: ecumenism flourishes because truth has become a matter of indifference for most people. It flourishes, because most find the Protestant form of Christianity more convenient and therefore preferable to that of the Catholic Church...

So wrote Fr. Georg May in his book, The Ecumenism Trap, published in 2005. What is perhaps most surprising about this quote though is that it was given by a German priest in good standing and a professor of Canon Law at the University of Mainz, Germany—hence not from Archbishop Lefebvre or the Society of St. Pius X.

That same year of 2005, SiSiNoNo offered a lengthy 2-part article—or book review if you will—with some key extracts from Fr. May's comprehensive work in which he devastatingly concluded:

Ecumenism destroys the Catholic faith. Ecumenism deals a deadly blow to the Catholic priesthood. Ecumenism drains the marrow from the bones of believers. There is a clear sense that, as a consequence of ecumenism, the Church has become Protestant. Ecumenism is a sickness, and furthermore a mortal sickness, the cancer of the Church, the metastasis of which has reached virtually all its members. The Church may die of ecumenism; she cannot live with it. It must be done away with as soon as possible and in the most radical possible way.

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