From the District Superior: Prayer for the Poor Souls

October 15, 2018
Source: District of the USA
During the month of November we especially pray for the Poor Souls

We have once again arrived at this special time of the year devoted by Holy Mother Church to the holy souls in purgatory.

Dear Faithful,

During November, the Church asks us to redouble our prayers and sacrifices for the remission of debt incurred by the faithful departed whose sins have already been pardoned.

In order to assist in providing relief to the suffering souls, the Regina Coeli House, headquarters of the Society of Saint Pius X in the United States, is accepting names of the deceased. We will place these names on our chapel’s altar to be remembered at the commemoratio pro defunctis of every Mass offered during the month of November.

You may submit names of the faithful departed to us in one of three ways:

Mailing this PDF >
Emailing the names to [email protected] >
Send them via this online form >

An act of Charity

No stipend is required for this act of charity, but if you would like to offer a gift to the Regina Coeli House, you may do so, either by including a check along with the mailed form or by visiting Donation page >. The priests and brothers at the Regina Coeli House also remember the generous benefactors of the Society of Saint Pius X at the community rosary every day.

I urge you take advantage of this important opportunity to relieve the poor souls in purgatory, particularly in this time of crisis when prayers for the deceased have greatly diminished in number and in fervor. I therefore encourage you to pray earnestly for the dead during the month of November. By visiting a cemetery and praying, even mentally, each day from November 1st to the 8th, one may also gain a plenary indulgence for the faithful departed. Please see the back of the enclosed holy card for specific instructions on how to obtain indulgences.

Finally, I challenge each of you to begin now inviting your friends and family members to participate in this noble effort.  Many thanks, in advance, for your generosity on behalf of the holy souls in purgatory as well as any contribution you make to the Regina Coeli House. May Our Lord bless you abundantly for your efforts.

In Christo et Maria,

Father Jürgen Wegner
United States District Superior