DICI editor examines Kasper's ecumenism

October 10, 2014
Source: District of the USA

Fr. Lorans demonstrates how some recent comments of Cardinal Kasper prove that landmines (or "time bombs") were purposefully inserted in the documents of Vatican II, to be later exploited by the modernists.

From the keyboard of Fr. Alain Lorans, editor of the SSPX's international news site, DICI, we offer two brief, but insightful editorials about the ecumenism of Cardinal Kasper, and thus a startling conclusion about the Second Vatican Council.

Cardinal Kasper’s moral ecumenism

DICI editorial of 9-26-2014

In an interview granted to Vatican journalist Andrea Tornielli on September 18, 2014, Cardinal Walter Kasper wondered whether it might be possible to consider that some elements of the sacrament of marriage can be found in a purely civil marriage. He thinks that “the definitive commitment, the mutual love and care, the Christian life, and the public commitment” that unite certain civilly married couples can be considered as elements of a sacramental marriage. These remarried divorcees could therefore be allowed to receive communion.

For the German prelate, just as, according to Vatican II, there are elements of sanctification in other confessions besides the Catholic Church, there could be elements of the sacrament of marriage outside of an actual sacramental marriage. As he passes from doctrinal ecumenism to moral ecumenism, Cardinal Kasper “mercifully” ignores the bond contracted in the sacramental marriage that preceded the civil remarriage, and “pastorally” dissolves the doctrine recalled by Jesus Christ: “That which God has united, let no man put asunder” (Mark 10:9).

Cardinal Kasper, who was already the specialist on “differentiated consensus” with the Lutherans (see Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification, October 31, 1999), today becomes the theorist of “consensual difference”: According to him, civil remarriage can not be considered as an absolutely certain sacrament, but as a certain sacrament.... regardless. Regardless of all the constant teaching of the Church.

Fr. Alain Lorans

From deciphering to mine-clearing

DICI editorial of 10-10-2014

Cardinal Walter Kasper declared to journalist Andrea Tornielli on September 18, in a falsely interrogative tone of voice:

Might we not say about marriage what Vatican Council II has allowed us to say about the Church? Just as, according to the Council, there are elements of sanctification in other religions besides Catholicism, might we not, thanks to the Synod on the family, admit that there are also elements of sanctification in other unions besides sacramental marriage?”

This declaration hit like a bombshell.

To hear a Roman prelate claim that civil marriage can contain the elements of sanctification that are proper to sacramental marriage was something absolutely unheard of. But notice that Cardinal Kasper, a great specialist on ecumenism, was inventing nothing new: his conception of marriage, one among many, is based on the conciliar idea of a Church that is one in its diversity. The ecclesial ecumenism expressed in Lumen Gentium in 1965 is invoked in favor of matrimonial ecumenism, 49 years later. A doctrinally explosive charge, set half a century ago, has been used today to pastorally blow up the indissolubility of sacramental marriage, to the benefit of a flexible conjugal fidelity!

Until now, we naively thought that the conciliar documents needed to be interpreted, deciphered. Now, thanks to Cardinal Kasper, we know that they also need to be cleared for mines.

Fr. Alain Lorans