To defend the family: a rosary novena

September 25, 2014
Source: District of the USA

Join the USA District's Rosary Novena to defend the family! Read some important texts to understand this important matter!

Approaching rapidly is the October 2014 Extraordinary Meeting of the Synod of Bishops: “Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the Context of Evangelization”. This Synod will be held from October 5-19 and potentially has the grave danger of undermining the Church's doctrinal and moral teachings on marriage and family issues.

To counteract this danger, the USA District Superior, Fr. Jurgen Wegner, is asking everyone to join in a rosary novena for the defense of the family:

I request that all pastors dedicate at least three sermons in October and November to the fundamental truths about marriage. I request also that you invite all the faithful to join us in a novena of rosaries from September 29th to October 7th. We will offer our rosaries for the defense of the family. Please encourage everyone to pray the 15 decades of the rosary."

This rosary novena corresponds with DICI's publication of an article and pertinent excerpts from a new book (which will be published in October) concerning the recent response that Cardinal Kasper gave to some eminent writers against his publicly made and unorthodox comments (see below for some links):

The above pieces are important for understanding the gravity of this forthcoming situation (and thus the pressing need to participate in the announced rosary novena), and so we encourage all of our readers to take the time to study them.

In connection with this issues, we also recommend reading the recent comments of our Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay, "We cannot wait, without speaking up" and the study of Fr. Franz Schmidberger, New pastoral approach to marriage of Cardinal Kasper.