Damnatio Memoriae Inflicted upon Christopher Columbus

February 04, 2019
Source: fsspx.news

In the name of a historical revisionism that intends to turn the conquest of the Americas into another black legend on the Church, Notre Dame University in Indiana, one of the country’s oldest and most prestigious universities, is going to cover up mural paintings of Christopher Columbus, saying they purvey a false image of the history of colonial America.

Twelve frescoes portraying various scenes from the life and explorations of the Genovese explorer can be seen in the university’s main hall…for the time being!

According to their detractors, these paintings from the late 19th century celebrate “outdated stereotypes” on the American Indians and ignore the devastating consequences of colonialism. 

In an open letter, John Jenkins, the president of the university, attempted to defend keeping the frescoes, saying that the artist also wished to depict the Catholic immigrants in a positive way at a time when they were facing discrimination in America after the Civil War.

Alas! The frescoes are condemned to disappear: the best he could do was to obtain permission to cover them in order to preserve them from destruction.

Just 525 years ago, the first Mass was celebrated on the American continent. This was the beginning of an adventure that would soon make the Americas the most Catholic land on earth.