The contagious infection of Kasperitis

August 11, 2015
Source: District of the USA

Cardinal Kasper's disease of dissent against Church teaching is being caught up by other bishops in Europe.

As reported recently by LifeSiteNews, the last several weeks have witnessed several bishops voicing their disagreement with Catholic moral theology,[1] hailing from not only Germany, but also Switzerland and Spain.

The website of the German Episcopal Conference ( cited Archbishop Stefan Hesse of Hamburg, who despite being "somewhat hesitant concerning ‘homo-marriage" nonetheless sympathetically said on August 1:

But when these people seek to be close to us, then we as Church are there for them. What else? ...In my eyes, this does not minimize the love and fidelity between two people…"

The Bishop of Hamburg further believes that while retaining the "ideal of marriage", remarried divorces should be given "livable forms for the Church's recognition and accompaniment".

Moving south to Switzerland, in opposition to Bishop Vitus Huonder’s orthodox affirmation that homosexuality is specifically condemned in the Old Testament, Bishop Markus Buchel, President of the Swiss Bishops’ Conference, publicly wrote on August 7 that in biblical times, it was not known that homosexual attraction was "a biological inclination" and "not a freely chosen sexual orientation"; consequently:

For the promotion of the good of the person, it is less decisive whether someone has a hetero- or homosexual inclination; rather, the responsible approach to sexuality and all the other dimensions of a relationship (such as attentiveness, carefulness, respect, or fidelity) is decisive.

Here we are permitted, as Catholic faithful, to trust the conscience of each individual. Let us rejoice about every relationship in which the partners accept one another as equal, valuable, beloved children of God and respect the dignity of the other and promote the well-being of the persons!"

As reported by DICI, the previous week in Switzerland, the Zurich weekly Schweiz am Sonntag published on July 26 an interview of Bishop Felix Gmur of Bale, wherein he supported such liberal agendas as "women [ministering] at the altar”, engaging in "important social issues [minus the influence of the Catholic Faith]", "concrete acts to protect the climate or in the matters of immigration and the changes of structure of the population". And the indications of a shrinking Catholicism in Switzerland, he nonetheless continues to affirm that the Swiss Church "continues to grow"![2]

Traveling southward over the Alps and into Spain, the Local Ordinary of Cadiz, Spain, Bishop Rafael Zornoza, transcended the speculative into the practical by declaring that he would allow a transsexual man to be his nephew’s godfather.

Initially the Spanish ecclesiastical authorities had refused his request to act as a godparent, but after the pressure of a public petition, the Cadiz Diocese reversed its decision by announcing that "being transsexual does not constitute a reason for being excluded from the office of a godfather."[3]

As LifeSiteNews observed:

All these reports come out at a time where Pope Francis repeatedly speaks about the importance of welcoming ‘remarried’ divorcees in the parishes and not to have any negative attitude toward them and their children without once mentioning—as a pastor for all—that they live, objectively speaking, in the state of sin."

Take for example Pope Francis’ first general audience given on August 5 during which he said:

People who started a new union after the defeat of their sacramental marriage are not at all excommunicated, and they absolutely must not be treated that way! They always belong to the Church…

…The Church knows well that such a situation contradicts the Christian sacrament [of marriage]…

…[but pastors should not] add additional weight beyond what the children in this situation have to bear..."

Despite all of the concern that these commentaries—levelled against such supposed pastors who treat as outcasts these irregular couples and their children—supposedly have for the pastoral solicitude of such couples, they nonetheless are completely silent towards those who treat them as if they were living in accordance with Christ’s words about marriage.


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2 Reported by DICI, August 7, 2015: "Switzerland: An 'explosive' publication before the Synod on the Family".

3 Quote from abovementioned "The Kasper Revolution Spreads".

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