Construction of our new seminary progresses!

November 04, 2015
Source: District of the USA

We offer some recent images of our new seminary building taking shape in Virginia.

From Dillwyn in Buckingham County, Virginia, we offer below a photo gallery showing the continuing work for the SSPX's New Seminary Project.

The seminary's construction website has also recently published some news and image galleries of its own, from which we offer two short excerpts and their links.

Slate roof installation begins (Oct 7)

The slate roof is being installed on the chapel and the administration building and will soon continue on the entire building. The louvers have been installed in the dormers on the east wing of the building. A couple hundred windows have arrived and will be installed soon.

The finish phase is well underway with considerable interior progress and extensive site work. The slate roof is being installed and the brick for the entire facade is on the way. Trusting in God’s providence to provide us with a mild winter and sufficient donors, we plan to occupy the building next summer. See the images>

The windows have arrived (Oct 21)

As winter approaches, the building reaches another milestone. The window openings are being waterproofed and windows are being installed. Nearly 100 windows have been installed to date. Work continues on the roof flashing. Once the building is water-tight, the interior finish work can commence. See the images>

The New Seminary Project is still short of funds necessary for the seminarians to move in by summer 2016, so see how you can help!