Come to the blessing of St. James Church

March 17, 2015
Source: District of the USA

The SSPX's new Pittsburgh church building will be re-dedicated on March 28.

In August 2014, we announced the acquisition of a "new" church building in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the former diocesan St. James Church.

After several months of renovation—highlighted by the "parish tradition" of a Christmas Eve first Mass—the church building is now ready to be re-dedicated for Catholic worship on Saturday, March 28.

The pastor, Fr. Patrick Rutledge, has cordially invited the public to attend the ceremonies that begin with the blessing of the church at 11:00am by Fr. Niklaus Pfluger (First Assistant to the Superior General) followed by a Solemn Mass.

For many years the Society of St. Pius X has performed its apostolic work for the salvation of souls under the auspices of Our Lady of Fatima Church. With the re-dedication of the new church the priestly society will continue its Pittsburgh, PA apostolate under the patronage of the Apostle, St. James the Greater. The retention of the church's original titular saint also signifies that the SSPX is continuing to transmit the same Catholic Faith for which the West End parish was founded in 1853.

To commemorate the long history of St. James Church and the SSPX's Pittsburgh mission, a 44-page St. James Church Re-Dedication commemorative brochure has been compiled. Beautifully illustrated and informative, we are offering an excerpt from the booklet's 44 pages in PDF.

For more information about the church blessing, please contact:

St. James Catholic Church   326 S. Main Street   Pittsburgh, PA 15220
412-875-6323 | email

As of March 28, Sunday Mass will be offered at St. James Church at 9:00am with confessions starting at 8:00am and the public rosary at 8:30am.