The Capuchins are coming, the Capuchins are coming

October 01, 2013
Source: District of the USA

The Capuchin (Franciscan) Fathers from Morgon, France will be visiting the USA District during October and November to introduce the Third Order of St. Francis.

Excerpt from letter of Fr. Jacques Emily, TOSF chaplain

We are all in joyful expectation of the approaching visit of our Capuchin Fathers from Morgon, France, who will be visiting the Tertiaries of the Third Order of St. Francis (TOSF) in our countries next month. Fr. Francois-Marie, who is the Superior of the Third Order of St. Francis for the English-speaking countries, will be accompanied by Fr. Fidele-Marie, who was ordained by Bishop de Galaretta last year.

This will be the first North American visit of Capuchin Fathers faithful to Tradition since the collapse of the Order of St. Francis, which followed the conciliar reforms of the Second Vatican Council. Like all other Religious Orders, the main Order, being poisoned by the liberal spirit of the conciliar Church, left in its wake the Third Order of the faithful, who had just the bad example given by the clerics to follow.

It is then quite remarkable to witness the wonderful fidelity of so many Tertiaries of St. Francis who, in spite of this devastation of the Franciscan Order and of their own Third Order, have regrouped around the chapels and priories of our Society and have faithfully kept the Rule, the Constitutions, and the spirit of Saint Francis. St. Francis, who in his time had been called by God to save His Church, obviously continues his mission from above and diligently cares for his children who wish to remain faithful to their Seraphic Patriarch.

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